“If you're looking for a workout that challenges your teams and leaders to leave their comfort zones in exchange for creating a high performance business environment and helps you get the managers you need - then you have to try this. It's awesome! “

- Scott Hickey, Contact Centre Manager EMEA - ACER Europe.

What would happen to the performance of your team, your company or your organization?  ...If everybody

➤  Understands what people can expect from them, what they can expect from people and how they will set an inspiring example in terms of character, competence, and values;

➤  Understands how to provide and receive constructive feedback and is able to take responsibility for enhanced personal effectiveness;

➤  Understands his/her preferred roles in teams, applies world-leading problem-solving techniques, and knows how to perform under pressure; and

➤  Understands the vision and strategy, provides valuable input to it, and actively applies it in daily activities?


What would happen? You, Your Team and Your Company/Organization would experience Maxilliant Performance!


We start with coming along side of you, your team(s) and your company to quickly determine with you where Maxilliant performance potential is to be found.


We then move towards accelerated learning training in order to change mindsets, create new - more effective - behaviors and to let go off less effective behaviors. At Maxilliant we believe great performance is all about compelling vision, deep understanding, learning mindsets, responsive behaviors, and healthy habits.


Maxilliant Performance can be achieved individually, in small team workouts, but also and often more effectively in larger - even company-wide - workouts.


We use the term workouts at Maxilliant because we create an accelerated learning environment and mindset, which means you will be learning hard and fast!


More importantly, it also means you will ‘leave’ the workout completely ready to continue your newly adopted mindset, behaviors and habits in your workplace where active team-based learning will continue.


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